I've entered the Photo competition at the Florida State Fair every February for the last few years. Here are some of the winners. I love cars. Race cars in particular, but also classics, hot rods, anything with wheels. Here are some pictures from my automotive travels.
There's something satisfying about getting a perfect shot of a flower. I keep trying. Here's some of the better images I've captured. Also includes Fauna - insects, animals, etc. Capturing just the right angle or an interesting texture is always a challenge. We travel a lot, so here's some of my better examples.
From mountainsides to meadows, there's always beauty to be found in landscape. Here are some of my more successful photos. You can get a great play of light and shadow in a monochrome image. Often a color image looks much better in black and white!
OK, so mostly is my daughter Julie. That's why we have kids, isn't it, to take pictures of them? And she's so darn pretty... ;-) Everything else.  Still life, experiments. Stuff that came out neat or cool.

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