Silent Sentinel - Gettysburg Cannon at sunset. Florida State Fair Best in Show, 2004. Shot this with my Fuji S602Z with a Cokin 4x Neutral Density filter attached. I bet I took two dozen pictures trying to get the one that was "just right."
Ferrari 275GTB - Taken at the first annual Winter Park Concours in 2002 with my Pentax 35mm SLR, then digitized and reworked heavily in Photoshop. Converted the image to sepia then added in the Ferrari in a saturated red. First Place in the 2003 Florida State Fair Digital Photgraphy category. Let me tell, you I stood there for about 20 minutes before the car cleared of people to get this shot!
Flying B - Taken at the first annual Winter Park Concours in 2002 with my Pentax 35mm SLR, then digitized and converted to B&W. First Place in the 2003 Florida State Fair B&W "Things" Photgraphy category. Gotta love chrome for a black and white photo!
Millstones - Taken on a visit through the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2003, these were used millstones stacked behind Mabry Mill in Virginia. Taken with my Fuji S602Z this photo won 1st Place in the B&W "Things" category at the 2004 State Fair. Which goes to show that you never know what the judges will like, as I entered this one as a "filler" image, not expecting it to place!
Star Flowers - This photo was taken at a rest stop in the Shenendoah Valley with a Canon Powershot S100 in 2001. Converted to B&W it was entered into the 2003 State Fair and took 2nd Place in the B&W Floral Category.
Whitewater - Taken in Tennessee in the foothills of the Blue Ridge in 2002, I particularly like this picture. I was balancing on a rock in the middle of the river with my Fuji S602Z on a tripod with an 8x Neutral Density filter to get the water's motion. I really thought this one would do better, but only ended up with a 3rd place at the 2003 Fair .
Purple Flowers - Yeah, not an original name, but I wasn't sure what kind of flowers they were! I actually bought these for my wife at the local Publix, and like the arrangement of these blossoms. Taken in 2002 with a Canon Powershot S100, this image was entered into the Floral Category and won 1st place at the 2003 State Fair.
Bugatti - I love all the chrome on the classic cars. This was a Bugatti on display at the 1st Annual Winter Park Concours in 2000, taken with a Canon Powershot S100. This was awarded a 1st Place at the 2003 State Fair.
Julie Butterfly - This was taken on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. It's actually been pretty highly modified, as the bench was originally in front of a store window, so you could see the photographer (me) reflected in the glass. But the shot was so cute I took another photo (taken on the same trip) of foliage and pasted that in behind the bench. This took a 3rd Place at the 2005 Fair.
Mustang - This was an experiment that turned out really well. I was playing around with Neutral Density filters during a rainstorm.  This was taken from the shelter of my garage with a Fuji S602Z, and it took 1st Place at the 2005 Fair in the Digital" Things" category.

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